Like any type of holiday accommodation, the villas in Mauritius range from small and comfortable establishments to expensive and luxurious mansions of such quality that they put the top-of-the-range hotels to shame. All of these villas offer their guests the tranquility of a holiday home with the added privacy that can only be found in a private home. With sizable tropical gardens and private swimming pools, these villas provide a quiet haven in which to rest but they have easy access onto the beaches as well.opical island, what could be a better choice of accommodation than a beach villa in Mauritius? Small and romantic, large and luxurious, self-catering or with a private staff including chef, butler and maid, the offer a unique form of accommodation, perfect for large families or groups of friends. Built on the tropical island of Mauritius, which is situated in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar, these villas offer unsurpassed comfort and atmosphere with breathtaking views of the coral lagoon.

Some of the more expensive villas have their own private staff on hand to cater to their guests’ every need and, furthermore, offer direct access onto the sparkling white expanse of sandy beach. At the beach, there are numerous activities to enjoy; lying in the sun with a good book being not the least of them. With the warm and shallow waters of the coral reef, however, the conditions for snorkelling, scuba-diving and other water-sports are perfect. Owing to the calmness and shallowness of the lagoon, it is also a perfect spot for small children to play, under the eyes of their nearby parents.

With large numbers of bedrooms in the villas, these are ideal for family parties and large groups of friends wanting to holiday together. These kinds of holidays, though, can be both expensive and exhausting, especially when harassed parents are given no time to rest because they are constantly supervising the public behaviour of their children in a formal atmosphere like a hotel. The option of a villa, however, gives the luxury of being able to create the relaxed feeling of a ‘home away from home’ in the warm and friendly climate of the island.

Holidays should be a time for families and friends to relax together in each others company and to enjoy some quality time. A villa provides the perfect space in which to do this, with their large number of bedrooms and comfortable living areas. For those who do not want to have to worry about cooking while they are on holiday, a number of villas offer the option of on-site catering giving you the opportunity to enjoy both traditional Mauritian dishes and experience international cuisine.

For every kind of holiday there is the perfect type of accommodation and a family holiday in Mauritius should be no exception. Although the popular view of Mauritius is that of a romantic getaway location with dazzling expanses of white beaches encircled by the warm water of a turquoise lagoon and rimmed with palm trees, it is also the perfect place for a family. Whether with small children, teenagers or a large, urban family of peers, the variety of options for villas in Mauritius will help to make your holiday a memorable and enjoyable one.