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Travellers can save up to 57%, by choosing a holiday rental in certain Asian destinations compared to an equivalent stay in a three-star hotel.

The conclusion was part of a cost comparison by TripAdvisor of more than 630,000 properties, worldwide. It showed that families and groups travelling for a week or more can save substantially by choosing a holiday rental.TripAdvisor

The study looked at the average cost of accommodation for a week’s stay in a two-bedroom holiday rental, as well as a week’s stay in two bedrooms in a three-star hotel, in international destinations popular with Singaporean travellers during the year-end peak holiday season.

Travellers, specifically those in need of multiple bedrooms for an extended stay, can save up to 57% by choosing a holiday rental.

For travellers planning a trip in Asia Pacific, the greatest savings can be found in Goa, Tokyo and Penang, where a one-week stay in a two-bedroom rental property comes in 57%, 41% and 30% cheaper respectively than the same stay in two three-star hotel rooms.

Travellers heading further afield could expect similar savings in popular North American and European destinations, with two bedroom rental properties coming in up to 39% cheaper than two hotel rooms.

“Holiday rentals are a great option, especially for families, or larger groups going away for a week or more who don’t mind forgoing certain hotel conveniences, such as housekeeping, room service and a concierge, in exchange for a more affordable stay,” commented Jean Ow-Yeong, TripAdvisor spokesperson.

“The end-of-year peak travel season is a notoriously expensive time to travel, but, our study showed, that choosing a holiday rental could make things much more affordable.”

The survey was based on holiday rental and hotel costs in popular destinations from 1 November 2014 to 31 December 2014.

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FlipKey today listed the ten destinations where traveler demand is the highest for 2014.


Florida accounts for half of the most desired destinations for 2014. Miami, Orlando, Naples, and Key West were also included in the 2013 list. Panama City Beach rounded out the top five this year.


Brazil wasn’t on the list at all in 2013, but Rio de Janeiro was the number one trending destination for 2014 due to interest in this summer’s World Cup.


No Asian destination was on the list last year either, but Bali rose to the tenth spot for 2014 due to a more active tourism market in Asia and rising interest in Southeast Asia as a destination.


The top ten trending destinations for vacations rentals found on FlipKey in 2014 are listed in the infographic below.