Men are 10% more likely to pay for an apartment booking but women are responsible for finding the accommodation online, revealed Only-apartments.

The statistics, from visitor data to, the short term rental specialist, found the difference in gender behaviour was greater in the UK than it was anywhere else in the world.

In Britain 56% of visits to the site are from women while men complete 54% of the actual payment and booking process for apartments.

Gender activity on

visit Female 56.48%

Visit Male    46.19%

Purchase Female : 43.52%

Perchase male : 53.81%

“Chivalry is clearly alive and kicking in Britain. These generous gentlemen are willing to let the ladies decide but pull out the credit card when it’s needed,” said Alon Eldar, CEO of Only-apartments. “As the old saying goes, behind every successful man there is a woman telling him where to book a holiday.”men pay on internet

The numbers also revealed a massive rise in silver surfers booking apartments online. Since 2011 there has been a 124 per cent increase in British over-50s renting apartments for overseas accommodation.

This demographic includes some of the most active travellers in the world with up to three or four trips a year. It’s the exotic locations attracting them too with Miami Beach being the most popular destination.

“Age is no barrier to a good time in the sun. It’s great that a new generation of mature movers & shakers are finding the cost effective comfort of apartment rentals all over the world,” added Eldar. “The simplicity of booking online, a passion for travel and a tech-savvy population of over-50s in the UK has lead to this explosion in short-term rentals.”

Percentage increase in over-50s visiting

2012 vs 2011  41.96%

2013 vs 2012  57.49%

2013 vs 2011 123.57%

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