Serviced apartments are an increasingly popular solution for companies needing to accommodate their relocating employees.

As the market matures, the concept is becoming more sophisticated, with more choice and more types of accommodation.

Jo Redman, marketing director of SACO, discusses some of the options available, and explains why a two-bedroom apartment can be the ideal choice for employer and employee

You’ve discovered serviced apartments as a concept – you understand the benefits and think they are a great idea for accommodating your assignees. But now you have to choose the type of apartment you want.

You may be thinking, “What do you mean, ‘the type of apartment’; I just want to book an apartment?” So here are a few quick pointers to help you on your way.apartment

There are three main types of apartment:

Studio apartment – Here, you get a combined living/sleeping area (the bed is in the living room), with a kitchen off to the side, and a separate bathroom. Easy and compact living – usually the most cost-effective option, but not always ideal when accommodation is needed for more than a week or so.

One-bedroom apartment – Does what it says on the tin: you get one bedroom with a double bed, a bathroom, and then typically a combined living/dining area with a fully equipped kitchen. Perfect for one person or a couple.

Two-bedroom apartment – Obvious, really – two bedrooms and typically two bathrooms, one en-suite and one family bathroom, plus a good-sized living/dining area and, again, a fully equipped kitchen. But here’s the buzz – the extra space gives you a lot more flexibility, which is why two-bedroom apartments are so popular.

Perfect for one person or a couple who need extra space. Perhaps they have a lot of luggage and possessions to store and spread out. Maybe they need the extra bedroom as a study/work room, or perhaps friends and family are coming to stay

Ideal when there are small (or younger) people to consider as well – that is, babies and children. The second bedroom can, of course, then be used as the nursery, kid’s room or teenage bolt-hole. Whichever way you look at it, privacy and space for all

A great idea if two professionals/employees are being sent to the same location to work. Book them a two-bedroom apartment – they get the space and privacy of their own bedroom and bathroom, and then share the living/dining/kitchen space. This is win/win – a cost-effective solution for the company (a two-bedroom apartment for two people is cheaper to book than two one-bedroom apartments), plus ready-made flatmates for the two employees dropped into a new location. They get to live together, but can easily retreat to their own space as well. Think graduates, young professionals, interns, project team workers – accommodating more than one person just got really easy!

Of course, there are other types of apartment as well.

Three- and four-bedroom apartments tend to be few and far between, the number of bathrooms will vary, and the living space generally increases in size as the number of bedrooms goes up.

‘Duplex’ usually means that the apartment is split over two floors, so a flight of stairs is involved when going to bed or getting to the living room/kitchen. A duplex could have one, two or any number of bedrooms. Any good serviced apartment company should state the number – for example, ‘a duplex two-bedroom apartment’.

Sometimes, a two-bedroom apartment may only have one bathroom – again, the serviced apartment company should make this very clear in their information.

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