This is one holiday rental site with a twist. Loveroom lets users search for guests and hosts based on their attractiveness – because who cares what the room looks like?

The US site was launched last week by Josh Bocanegra, a Los Angeles-based entrepreneur, the UK’s Daily Mail reported.
Bocanegra said he was inspired to create Loveroom after an experience with the popular accommodation site Airbnb, where he found there was a lot more interest when he included a picture of his girlfriend in his listing.

More than 700 people have already signed up for the service, which is free. It’s currently undergoing some testing but Bocanegra hopes for a full launch globally by Valentine’s Day.

Similar to a dating site, it lets users search for people by gender, age and sexual preference.
When people find their best match they negotiate regarding the accommodation.

“The intent of the app is to give single people who travel often (or once in a blue) a place to stay where they might find love – or sex,” Mr Bocanegra said.

“What happens if you think the person you rented from on Airbnb is attractive? And vice versa. You’re in their home, you want to be professional. LoveRoom solves that problem.”

One 40-year-old male user of the site was seeking a female roommate, while a 25-year-old woman flashes her cleavage and declares she loves “liquor and cuddles”.

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