Are you a travel enthusiast? Well, though you always want to go for luxurious hotels when you plan for a trip to your favorite destination but do not forget that serviced apartments have now come a long way. There are top 9 benefits to what you can get in your serviced apartment that can enhance your stay:

  • Mostly all the serviced apartments now are equipped with a dining area, kitchen room and bathroom.
  • You will find apartments with the best quality furniture equipped in each room so that you live in utmost comfort.
  • You will not miss to see any electronic equipment from a washing machine, to TV, microwave, refrigerator, electron iron and so on so that you enjoy a luxurious experience.
  • You will not miss any essential kitchenware in your kitchen from a stove to microwave oven, all the daily cooking utensils and so on.
  • In serviced apartments, you will get the facility of washing machines so that you do not worry about your used clothes during your stay.
  • You will be provided with a weekly or bi-weekly maid service.
  • You will get all the privacy and comfort that you might be seeking at your stay. No need to clean  the toiletries, bed linen, towels or anything as you will be provided with every cleaning facility to keep you work-free and stress-free while you are at your vacation at a service apartment.
  • Connectivity will also not be a hassle as you can commute to any location very easily through public transports or with your own vehicle. Stay at your comfort.
  • As serviced apartments offer utmost security to their guests, you will never need to worry about your family and your belongings or any unknown invasions in your absence.

You will actually find that you are getting all the comforts of a hotel at your serviced apartment and that too at a much cheaper cost. Therefore, when you plan to book a service apartment do not forget to consider:

  • The Access to transport as the place will be new for you.
  • Requirement of any documentation work prior to the departure.
  • Facility of safe parking if you are taking your vehicle.
  • Payment rates of your serviced apartment.

These are only a few factors, there are more that you must consider prior to booking your serviced apartment. Serviced apartments provide you all the comfort, convenience and luxury that you seek in hotels. However, when you are getting all the privacy and additional comforts in your service apartment, your chances of enhancing your traveling experience to that destination will be much more. So, do not waste any more time in thinking, make your best stay at a perfect serviced apartment. All you need to do is, invest some time over the Internet and get acquainted with the most well-known serviced apartments at your favorite destination and you will eventually come across the one fulfilling all your requirements

Infography by : @timscottseo