A recent Roy Morgan Single Source Survey conducted by Roy Morgan Research has found fewer Aussies are staying with friends and family when on a domestic holiday than in the past.

The survey uncovered more Australians are choosing to stay in hotels, motels or rental properties when they holiday within Australia.

In March 2001, 41 percent of Australians said they stayed with friends or family while on domestic holiday, however that figure has fallen to 36 percent for the 12 months between February 2012 and February 2013.

Jane Ianniello, international director of tourism, travel & leisure, Roy Morgan Research, said the trend of saving money by staying with friends and family has been on the decline for about a decade.

“Hotels, motels, resorts and rented accommodation are all growing in popularity, no doubt helped along by booking websites offering irresistibly competitive rates.”

The survey found that 30 percent of travellers stayed in hotels and/or motels on their last domestic holiday, up from 25 percent in March 2001, which indicates the popularity of hotels and/or motels is on the rise again.

In addition, 18 percent of Australians chose to stay in rented accommodation, a slight increase from 15 percent in March 2001.

Ianniello said rented accomodation is more popular with family groups and groups of friends, meanwhile couples tend to opt for hotels, motels or resorts.

“People travelling alone on holidays often stay with friends and relatives. Intriguingly, caravans and cabins are attracting fewer travellers despite an aging population,” she explained.

The report highlighted that the number of people staying in cabins and caravan parks is not reflective of the same trend, with only 9 percent of travellers staying in cabins or at caravan parks, which is down from 12 percent in March 2001.

Source : http://www.hospitalitymagazine.com.au/