Serviced apartment hotels are also referred to as “aparthotel” (in Spanish & German), “apartahotel” (in Spanish), “apparthôtel” (in French), “Appartmenthouse” & “Boardinghouse” (in German), “flat service” (in Brazil), “suite hotel” in the Middle East & Spanish Latin America, and “(serviced) residence” in east Asia. These are all very simliar to US “extended stay hotels”. In fact, one might conclude that the main difference is just geography. However, serviced apartments also are somewhat less likely to offer extended stay discounts (though asking for one is always a good idea), and serviced apartments also offer more luxury at the upper end, especially in Asia and Europe. One example of added luxury amenities is in-unit (private) laundry facilities.

There are currently more than 50  serviced apartment chains with at least 5 hotels.

These chains are based in Europe (23 chains, mostly in France), Asia (10), Australia (10), South America (3) & Africa (1). Our survey also includes Oakwood & Marriott, which are based in the United States, but their locations outside North America employ a model close to that of the other chains we survey here.

Lanson Place

To be included in our reviews, serviced apartment locations must offer onsite management and staffing by “branded” employees. Serviced apartments share common features that are unavailable at standard hotels. These chains all have self-serve laundry facilities (sometimes private) and have guestrooms, i.e. “suites” or “apartments”, with a dining table and kitchen. The kitchens all include at a minimum: a sink, a refrigerator, and a microwave oven. Nearly all also include a stovetop or hot plate for cooking. Some kitchens also offer dishwashers and conventional ovens.

The list below is in descending order, approximately, according to services, amenities and overall quality.

Kempinski Residences Private luxury serviced residences, available for rental or purchase. Currently 6 hotels in Asia and Europe.
Loyalty Program: GHA Discovery

Ascott Luxury chain launched in Singapore in 1984. Currently 21 hotels in Asia and Europe, usually in city centres.
Loyalty Program: Guests can earn 150 miles per day with Asia Miles

Lanson Place 7 hotels, all in east Asia

Frasers Based in Singapore. Currently 44 hotels in Asia and Europe, divided into 3 brands: Fraser Suites (22 hotels), Fraser Place (12) and Fraser Residence (11). 2 new brands have also been introduced by Fraser: Modena & Capri.
Loyalty Program: Fraser World

Shama Part of ONYX Hospitality Group. Began in 2001 in Hong Kong. 13 hotels, all in China, except one in Bangkok.

Mamaison 5 hotels in Eastern Europe

Grand Mercure Part of France-based Accor Group. 20 hotels in Australia, New Zealand, Bangalore, Bangkok.
Loyalty Program: Le Club

Oakwood US corporate housing provider, started in 1969. 26 hotels in Europe & Asia. Some serviced apartment hotels in east Asia are designated Oakwood Residences and Oakwood Premier.

Marriott Executive Apartments US-based chain with 22 hotels in Europe, Asia, Panama City & Sao Paulo (none in the United States).
Loyalty Program: Marriott Rewards

Somerset Serviced Residences Part of Ascott Group. 42 hotels in Asia & Australia, usually in city fringes.
Loyalty Program: Guests can earn 150 miles per day with Asia Miles

Meriton Serviced Apartments Upscale Australian chain with 10 hotels in Sydney & Queensland

Arjaan by Rotana Based in Abu Dhabi. 9 hotels in UAE, Damascus & Beirut.
Loyalty Program: Rotana Rewards

Boudl 17 hotels in Saudi Arabia, and 1 in Kuwait.
Loyalty Program: Elite Club

Travelers Began in 1985. 8 hotels in Colombia.

SACO (The Serviced Apartment Company) Began in 1997. 31 hotels in the UK.

Adina Part of Toga Hospitality, based in Australia. 8 hotels in Germany, Budapest, Copenhagen, Sydney.

Medina Part of Toga Hospitality, based in Australia. 3 brands: Classic, Executive, Grand. 21 hotels in Australia.

Don Suite Hotels 7 hotels in South Africa

Mantra 51 hotels in Australia, plus 1 in Queenstown NZ. Several properties in leisure destinations such as Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

Oaks 39 hotels in Australia, New Zealand & Dubai

Punthill Apartment Hotels 12 hotels in the Melbourne area, plus 1 in Sydney

Quest 140+ hotels in Australia, New Zealand & Fiji.
Loyalty Program: QClub

Citadines Apart’hotels Part of Ascott Group since 2002. 60 hotels in Europe & Asia. 12 more planned through 2015 in Asia & Germany.
Loyalty Program: Guests can earn 150 miles per day with Asia Miles

Central Apartments 6 hotels in Brisbane & Melbourne

Waldorf 28 hotels in Australia & Auckland

Lindner Boardinghouse 6 hotels in Germany.
Loyalty Program: Lindner Nights

Pierre & Vacance 98 hotels in France & Spain. Hotels are represented by 3 classes: Residence (3-4 star), Holiday Village (3-4 star) & Premium (4-5 star).

Residhome Apparthotel Part of Groupe Reside Etudes. 20 hotels in France.

Ramee 10 hotels in UAE & Bahrain

BreakFree Part of Mantra Group. 26 hotels in Australia, plus 2 in NZ. Many are in leisure destinations such as Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.

Derag Livinghotels Began 1982 in Munich. 11 hotels in Germany, plus 2 in Vienna.

Appart’City 54 hotels in France, plus 1 in Belgium. 6 additional hotels are under construction.

Park & Suites Launched in 2010. 50 hotels in France, divided between 4 classes: Comfort (2-star), Village (3-star), Elegance (3-star) and Prestige (4-star).

Sercotel Began in 1994. 11 hotels in Spain and Andorra.

Atenea Part of City Hotels. 6 hotels in Spain.
Loyalty Program: Club City

Mercure Apartments 51 hotels in Brazil. Began as Parthenon Flat Hotels, before being acquired by Accor.
Loyalty Program: Le Club

Be Housing 10 hotels in Belgium, represented by 4 brands: Budget Flats, City Apartments, Condo Gardens & Ambassador Suites.

Transamerica 20 hotels in Brazil

Adagio Created by a joint venture between Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs Group and Accor in 2007. 35 hotels in Europe, mostly in France. 1 planned for Abu Dhabi late 2012. Major expansion into Brazil planned for 2014 onwards.
Loyalty Program: Le Club

City Residence Formerly Appart’Valley. 9 hotels in France.

ResidHotel 34 hotels in France, plus 1 in Marrakech

Sejours & Affaires Apparthotel Part of Groupe Reside Etudes. 40 hotels in France.

Achat 14 hotels in Germany, designated “Comfort” & “Premium”

Appart’hotel Victoria Garden Began in 1992, as part of the Madeo group. 8 hotels in France.

Promenade Apart-hoteis Began in 1987. 15 hotels in Brazil, mostly in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

Odalys City Apart’hotels Large vacation rental company based in France. 10 hotels in France, plus 2 in Monaco and 1 in Florence Italy.

Adagio Access Budget brand of Adagio, converted from Citea. 50 hotels in France, plus 1 in Spain.

Maeva Part of Pierre & Vacances CentreParcs. 166 hotels in France and Spain.

Weekly Mansion Founded in 1999. 30 budget hotels in Japan, designated as Weekly Mansion and MyStay.


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