I have visited the website : http://www.vacationrentalmarketingblog.com
And I like to duplicate the post concerning a green property !!

As featured in my Boost Occupancy report, aligning your property with niche travel segments is a great way to generate new bookings. One of the fastest growing of these segments is eco-tourism and it’s not just boutique hotels that are figuring out ways to cash in on the trend. I’m not here to tell you how to make your property ecologically friendly (you can do that on your own). But I am here to say that little efforts not only help the environment: they help your bottom line!

Here’s an example of a vacation rental company in Costa Rica that’s not only implemented new procedures with staff and guests to reduce their carbon footprint, but they’ve also taken my advice on how to use a press release (only around $100) to announce their achievements with the world!

Part of doing great and innovative things with your rental is learning how to share the news with your potential guests. And because green travel is so “IN” right now, it’s the perfect catalyst to spark interest in your property like it did for ours.

If you’re interested in getting a foot in the eco-travel door, I recommend signing up for the Yahoo! Green Travel Network (free) where news of everything from homestays in Fijian bungalows to advice on renting luxury tents in Sub-saharant Africa will keep you (and your rental) in the loop.

As long as you’re making some sort of concerted effort — even something as simple as eco-friendly toilets or asking guests to turn lights/air conditioning/heat off when they leave — vacation rental advertising on the Green Travel Network tastefully will result in entertaining a new pocket of travelers you never knew existed.