People who have been to Tokyo always come back saying the same thing: I wish I had more time. By staying at luxury vacation rentals, you will be able to feel like a star when staying for as long as you want. Luxury vacation rentals are different than hotels, which assume that you will be staying for a week at most. Vacation rentals are either special properties or people’s homes that are hired out for a long period of time.

There are two types of vacation rentals; apartments and homes. Apartments are set up like hotels but they contain more amenities. Hotels are generally made just for sleeping and relaxing in between activities, but if you’re going to be staying there for a while you will need more than that. The main differences will be the inclusion of a Fax machine service with the ability to connect to the internet for business dealings. Rather than every day turn down service, these vacation rentals will have cleaning on request or perhaps only once a week. The main selling point of these services is the guaranteed long term stay as well as a homey feeling.

In Tokyo, some areas offer some wonderful long term holiday rental. The two bedroom apartments are quite luxurious with big screen LCD TV sets with DVD players, soft double beds, and amenities like home such as ironing boards, washer/dryers, and a fully stocked kitchen.

On the other hand if you’d rather stay in a luxurious house, there are many designed for large groups or families staying together, and it’s great for families, friends, and business colleagues. These holiday villas can be three stories tall with the top two stories separated for sleeping and relaxing. Like all holiday villas, they comes with the essential amenities including a fully stocked and working kitchen, garage or parking spaces, laundry facilities, and internet and digital TV access. In short, this is a home away from home, and you will begin making comparisons to your own home, not to other hotels where you’ve stayed.

The main difference between a luxury holiday apartment and a holiday home is the turn down service. In the apartments, someone will usually come by once a week to clean and to make sure everything is alright, and you might not get this at a holiday home. If you want a holiday away from house work, then go for a holiday apartment.