Vacation Rentals, Homestays, Wimdu, Roomorama though are very popular around the globe, in India this is relatively a new concept. There is a huge gap between the customer demands and the offerings in this market. “The Other Home” (TOH) tries to bridge the gap with its unique offering. There is need to popularize the concept among the travelers. TOH gives the traveler an authentic experience. It gives more options than a travel agent and enables the vacationer to have comparatives in one glance.

‘The Other Home’ web portal is easy to use, being very user friendly and informative. It has standardized booking and cancellation policies, which enable the travelers to plan pan-India tour at a single platform. The traveler does not have to scrutinize and negotiate with individual property owners to get the best holiday deal. The Other Home portal offers a single search to find perfect Vacation Rental or homestay in India. When the traveler books with The Other Home, he is treated as the personal guest, the website has travel blog which gives travel information and local tips which go a long way in making the holidays memorable.

TOH is selective in registering the properties and this ensures the quality which goes with the TOH name. They have properties in the strategic locations like Kerala, Goa, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Karnataka. At Homestays of TOH, the traveler stays with the owner as an esteemed guest, which gives him/her an opportunity to immerse in the local culture. The guest gets a peek into their daily life and if they have planned it right, a chance to enjoy the local festivities. Homestay owners often are influential people in their area with access to many unique attractions. The owners are also a veritable storehouse of local folklore and history with enthusiasm to share these with interested traveler. For the interested traveler heritage and nature walks, local visits, and lessons in arts such as pottery, painting, yoga, dance or cuisine can be arranged on request.

Another offering of TOH is vacation rental that gives additional space and privacy in comparison to conventional hotel rooms. The added option of a kitchen is a blessing as the guests can cook their own meals (if they so desire). Many vacation rentals are in the city center, giving travelers more insight into lifestyle of the locals. These are ideal options for a culturally sensitive budget traveler.

About The Other Home:

The Other Home is an India focused Vacation Rentals and Homestays consolidator. It has varied destination with pan India coverage comprising over 300 properties in 23 states, property options varying from vacation villas, service apartments, farm houses, bed & breakfast establishments and rural stays. The company also specializes in outdoor adventure properties like camping grounds, boat houses and tree houses to create the Dream Holiday Experience.

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