The U.K. travel industry should prepare to woo Chinese and Brazilian travellers in 2012, as significant numbers (58% of Chinese travellers, 41% of Brazilian travellers) plan to spend more on holidays than in 2011-this according to findings released by Wyndham Hotel Group , the world’s largest hotel company with over 7,150 hotels.

Commissioned to better understand the holiday spending habits of Wyndham Hotel Group’s global guests, the study surveyed just over 5,600 adults in key cities throughout the U.K., U.S., Canada, China and Brazil.

The results also show that the citizens of China and Brazil spend this extra cash differently. The Chinese spend on luxury accommodation whilst Brazilians tend to spend on other activities and value good customer service more than any other nation surveyed.

Trends amongst Chinese and Brazilian Travellers:

– Over half (58%) of Chinese travellers admit to an increased holiday
budget this year, with more than two fifths (41%) of Brazilian travellers
agreeing, compared to just 27 percent in U.S. and 24 percent in U.K. and Canada.

– Of these Chinese travellers, over half (61%) would allocate extra
spend to a hotel upgrade, while over two thirds (72%) will stay in upscale (4
star) or midscale (3 star) hotels. By comparison, just over a third (35%) of
Brazilian holidaymakers will opt for a budget (1-2 star) hotel stay.

– Half (50%) of Chinese travellers are part of a hotel loyalty
program, with an impressive 76 percent staying faithful to this program when booking a
hotel stay. The U.S. followed suit with nearly two thirds (64%) reliant on
loyalty initiatives, when planning a trip.

– Chinese travellers lead the pack when it comes to booking well-known hotel
brands, with close to a quarter (24%) set to pay more for this, compared to an
average of just 14% across U.S., U.K., Canada and Brazil.

– Over a third (35%) of those in Brazil favour customer service,
whilst spa services are the most important for Chinese travellers with almost half (45
percent) saying that spa services are the most important attribute instead.

Commonalities Amongst all Travellers:

– A third of all travellers (34%) belong to a hotel loyalty program.
Of those who do, 62 percent indicate that loyalty program membership influences their
hotel choice.

– Regardless of nationality, the majority of travellers (53%) agree
on the allocation of extra budget to extend a holiday, whilst just under half (47%)
would upgrade to a better hotel. By contrast, just one in four (25%)
would be happy to pay extra for hotel facilities, such as spa services.

– Seen as more of a right than a privilege, just under a quarter (24%)
of those polled would forgo a holiday when faced with budget constraints,
opting instead to cut back on fine dining (60%) and eating out (44%). Of
those who plan to keep their holiday, nearly a third (30%) travel just once or
less a year.

– Just over a third of travellers globally (37% would pay extra to
ensure convenience of hotel (i.e. location), with spa facilities (33%) and
great views (30%) also desirable across all nationalities.

– Overall, travellers focus the largest proportion of holiday spend on
activities outside of the hotel, as more than a third (37%) do so on
excursions, with shopping and dining-out a close second (23%, respectively).

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