2012 has so far been consistent with previous years’ economic straits. Regular holidaymakers have become quite disillusioned by the lack of affordable foreign accommodation to suit their recently changed means.
Many feel pressure to backpedal on traditional holiday plans as they feel unable to afford extravagant hotel stays anymore. Fortunately this age of thrift, while bringing with it tight pockets, has also seen the rise in demand of affordable digs that equate to quality experienced. This different kind of accommodation is not only much cheaper but often results in a more exciting adventure than initially expected.

The idea of creative solutions for tourists on a budget is not an entirely new one. These have ranged from the uncomfortable, for example couch surfing or camping, to riskier pursuits such makeshift hostels in an overly friendly locals’ spare room!

Some brave travellers found success (by success I mean they lived!) with these gutsy ventures. But for us not so brave holiday-starved folk a safe, affordable and unconventional opportunity has arisen.
It is now possible to find and book a diverse range of luxury and alternative accommodation in cities all over the world through one secure online base. Whether you are looking for contemporary apartments for a short trip to Barcelona, serviced apartments in Bangkok or a charming bed and breakfast in Prague, new website http://www.roomorama.com has made connecting with locals and finding a bargain easier than ever. It also brings peace of mind to nervous holidaymakers, by keeping safe a record of data concerning the transfer of money and other transactions.

Accommodation on http://www.roomorama.com has ranged from hay-stuffed stables to spare bedrooms on boats and even entire apartments, often in well sought after, central locations especially in cities; Wimdu allows you to see all offers in Dublin here.
One Sussex woman advertised her donkey’s usual dwelling to weary travellers seeking the authentic Christmas experience!

More typically, accommodation consists of a spare room in the host’s own home, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to glean an inside perspective on the real town and learn about the must-do activities that never make it into mainstream tourist guides.
So if you need to tighten your purse strings but also want to have a memorable adventure it is now possible to find this in one up to date database.