During your visit to Shanghai take a trip to Yangzhou which is positioned in Jiangsu Province about 300 kilometers northwest of Shanghai. To get there, take a direct train or bus from Shanghai to Yangzhou. The T782/T783 train (soft seat: CNY97.00, hard seat: CNY63.00) departs at 14:39 and arrives at 20:05. The coach can be captured in the Spanish Riding School Shanghai (No. 666 Shilong Road) and Shanghai passenger terminal station traffic (Zhongxing Road No. 1662), with departures from morning to afternoon. The trip takes 4 hours and the ticket is about CNY100.00.

On the other hand, you can take the train from multiple Depot (a class: CNY88.00 of two kinds: CNY74.00) to Zhenjiang first and then transfer to a bus (ticket: CNY13.00) in Zhenjiang train station Yangzhou, the package takes 3 hours and stops at the station of Yangzhou East passengers.

Both means of transport and accommodation are very convenient in Yangzhou. When traveling, make sure you have enough loose change to pay for bus, taxi or rickshaw fare. Yangzhou is a well known tourist destination so if you take a trip during the spring or a national holiday, you need to make advance hotel reservations for during this period of time lots of tourist visit so during this time it is difficult to get hotel room.

When you tour to Yangzhou you can always ask your China travel agency to arrange a combined ticket (CNY120.00) which includes the Slender West Lake (CNY80.00; Addr: the south entrance is near the arched stone Hongqiao bridge on Dahongqiao Road), the Ge Garden (CNY40.00; Addr: No. 10 East Yanfu Road), the He Garden (CNY40.00; Addr: No. 66 Xuyimen Street) and the Bonsai Garden (CNY15.00; Addr: outside the south gate of the lake park). It is much cheaper than buying separate tickets and items not required completing the scan on the same day.

Lake Park occupies the northwestern part of Yangzhou total and requires at least 3 to 4 hours to visit. After that, you can take a tour to the Garden of Ge and Bonsai Garden is located near the Lake Park. The best way to view these sites is through a rickshaw costs no more than CNY5.00 per trip.

The closing time of these points is around about 18:00. So if you can not complete these three sites in an afternoon, you can return the next day. If you are a food lover than don’t forget to taste yummy ethnic Chinese food in Yangzhou of Shanghai city. During your stay in Yangzhou, which has certainly seen a number of restaurants? Siwangting road itself is a known street food. If you are a type of cuisine of the person and love Chinese food, this is your lucky day. After dinner, walk back to the hotel or to appreciate the night view near Wenchang Pavilion or the city moat.

The next place to travel during Yangzhou travel is a trip to He Garden, Wang’s Garden (CNY15.00; Addr: No.14, Dongquanmen Street) and the Eight Yangzhou Eccentrics Memorial (CNY15.00; Addr: No. 18 Tuoling Lane; near the lake park). More over the government has taken every step to make this garden eye catching and promote Shanghai tourism simultaneously.

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